Welcome on board! We are excited to get you set up with the tools that you need to help us find investment properties to buy!

Before jumping into our Quick Start Program, it’s important to understand the Deal Finder Qualities.

  • Must be self-motivated
  • Must be willing to learn
  • Have a desire to grow (personally, professionally)
  • Must be a team player

Understand that this stuff works as long as you are willing to put in the work!

Hunting down properties is a numbers game. Meaning, not every lead will convert to a deal. It’s important to stay consistent because consistency is what brings success.

Quick Start To Success

2 Ways to get involved as a Deal Finder

1) Virtual Deal Finder:

Post on social media from the confines of your own house. Some of our best deals have come from this strategy. Remember that consistency is key here. You MUST get in the routine of posting at least 3-4 times per week.

2) Driving For Dollars Deal Finder:

What is driving for dollars? Driving for dollars is simply getting in your car and driving around older neighborhoods looking for vacant or distressed properties. Once you spot one of these distressed properties, you simply add the address to the deal finder app that we give you access to after onboarding.
Get paid $1,000 -$1,500 for every house that we purchase. Of course, we can’t purchase every house that we look at – BUT, if the seller is willing to sell their property at a discount, we WILL BUY IT.


1) Virtual Deal Finder:

Watch this step by step video explaining the exact process of how you can post on Facebook

Make Money 💵 Finding Houses For Us To Buy 🏠

It should only take 15 minutes per day to post in these groups. After you post, simply wait for people to respond. Make sure to check your hidden messages (spam messages) on Facebook – if the people are not your friend it will not go to your primary inbox.

Here is the step by step process

Step 1:

Join at least 10 to 15 For Sale or Wanted Groups on Facebook (it will usually take a couple of days for admins to approve your request to join).

Step 2:

Once Approved – Post 3 to 4 times every single week. You will likely have people comment within the first couple of days.

Step 3:

When people comment on your post or send a message – Simply ask them what the address of the property and ask when the best time is for our acquisitions manager to call

Gather these three things

  1. Name
  2. Property Address
  3. Phone Number

Step 4:

Send seller’s information to Trey or the appropriate acquisitions manager. Make sure to include Name, Property Address, and Phone Number

Step 5:

We do the rest! Our Acquisitions Manager/ Closer will reach out to the seller and negotiate price.

Step 6:

You get paid once we close! It’s that simple.

Posting Scripts For Facebook

Use the scripts provided below to post inside of the Facebook for sale groups

(Make sure to use the color background when posting this text to help it stand out)

I’m looking to buy a fixer-upper house this month.

I pay cash and close quickly. Message me with what you have.


Looking to buy a fixer-upper property to purchase. 

Buying with Cash. No Repairs Needed.  ‪803-998-CASH Call/Text‬

I am looking for a fixer-upper property to buy.

I can pay cash and close quickly.

Message me with what you have.


Are you tired of dealing with headache tenants?

We are looking to buy a couple of more rental properties this month. Message me with what you have.


I am looking for a house that needs repairs. 

I pay cash and can close quickly. ‪803-998-CASH Call/Text‬


I am looking to purchase a fixer-upper property. 

No Repairs Needed. I pay cash and can close quickly. Message me with what you have. 


Anyone have a fixer-upper property that they are interested in selling? 

Buying with Cash, No Repairs Needed.  ‪Message me with what you have!

Remember, consistency is the Key To Success.

Get out there and crush it!

2) Driving For Dollars Deal Finder:

If you enjoy being out in the field and would like to look for vacant and distressed properties, the Driving For Dollars Team may be a good fit for you!Watch this video explaining what to look for when driving for dollars

Driving For Dollars Hacks | Wholesaling Houses

What to look for…

  1. Tall Grass
  2. Broken or Boarded up Windows
  3. Tarp on roof
  4. Lots of leaves in the driveway
  5. Visually in bad shape
  6. Handicap ramp
  7. Window AC units

We will add you to our Deal Finder App that makes it easy to add properties to the list -Once the property is added to the list, we will reach out and try to contact the homeowner. If we are able to negotiate a contract with the seller… You get paid once we close on the property.

Setting expectations

The deal finders who remain most consistent generate good money for the work that they put in. The most difficult mindset to adopt is delayed gratification. After finding any potential deals it can take up to 30 days to close on the property. It is important to understand this as a deal finder. The Process works if you work it!
As we grow as a team our goal is to pass along more responsibilities to you as a deal finder. We are looking for self-motivated individuals who understand the value of putting in work. We are a growing company and are constantly seeking driven individuals who are hungry to learn.

Training and Opportunities for Growth

We will be hosting various training throughout the month for those who are engaged and eager to learn. Reach out to Trey for further details in regards to these training sessions as they come up!

Questions or Concerns

All questions and concerns will be handled directly through Trey Seals who is our lead Acquisitions Manager.

  • All Questions should be sent via email to: Sales@cashpropertyoffers.com
  • Address the message with the Market or City that you are currently working with us.